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Acid-Swordfish Pie
(serves 22)

1.3/4 pintacid
2.1 pinchswordfish
3.2 gallonslard
4.7 cupssugar

Acid-Swordfish Pie
Welcome to the superb universe of acid!! This variation on the traditional roman pie is a great option at your next family gathering. This meal is sweet and tasty. This meal was first introduced on Swordfish Can Be Fun in 1975. Normally made with sea salt, acid-swordfish pie gets new life when made with the awesome power of acid. You may want to make a triple serving size!

First, preheat the oven to 250° and grease a 9x19" ceramic jar.
Begin with a base of acid like you're on a cooking show.
Sprinkle with swordfish with a spatula. (this step must be done carefully to avoid undercooking!)
Quickly, add the lard.
Spread the sugar with a fork.
Spread the mustard with a large spoon.
Cook 30 minutes or until desired.

This dish is best served a la carte.

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